Must do things in Kuching, Sarawak!

Hi everyone, am back on! I’ve been busy traveling, got sick a bit and trying to get back my momentum. But yeah, am back! From now on, all my postings are gonna be in English (Boss is trying to get to be international, I’m all in!), anyhow the previous traveling series that I started in Bahasa Malaysia will be continued as it is.

So yeah, this time I’m gonna share with you guys what I did backpacking in Kuching, Sarawak! It was all out backpacking although I got to stay in a 5 star hotel for just RM100 (+- USD 35).  Visiting Borneo, especially in Kuching, Sarawak was a great experience. For a penisular person who has been living in Kuala Lumpur for years, hearing about tribal groups like Iban, Melanau, Kelabit and etc thrilled!


There are many cheap accommodations in Kuching, Sarawak. They range from cool hostel for the low budget and adventure seekers to the high-end hotels such as Hilton Kuching and Pullman. You can easily google them or use Hostelbookers, Hostelworld as well as Airasiago, I’ve been using them for my traveling.


Kuching the town itself is fascinating, you wouldn’t believe that such small town could hold such amazing attractions. You got museums in walking distances, you got the alley where you can buy souvenirs and you can try the “Water taxi” to cross the river to buy some “Kek Lapis“/ layered cake with only 50cent!


You can visit the Kuching Museum, and the biggest and oldest tree in Kuching, they are located really close to each other. I really recommend walking in Kuching city so that you can see everything. A lot of quaint barracks of old shops are still being used by shop-owners. Kuching portrays a really British influence with its own unique Borneo touch. It’s a unique place!


If you ever found yourselves travelling to Kuching, Sarawak, don’t miss the Sarawak Cultural Village! This is the place for you to learn and get to know more about the Borneo Island and its people. Really fascinating as you will be entertained with tribal performances, food demonstrations and you actually experience living in the houses.



Ask for homestay option, they will be able to provide you with more details.  Don’t miss on getting a fake/temporary tattoo-  Borneo Tribal style!  The entrance fees to Sarawak Cultural Village is RM60(USD20) for adults and RM30(USD15) for child between the ages of 6 to 12 years old (You will be provided a passport-like book for they to stamp you visit, really nice souvenirs!)



In Kuching too you will find a Cat Museum –oh yes, a whole museum dedicated to cats!  Here is the perfect place for cat lovers from all around the world to see everything about cats.  I would recommend spending an easy 2 hours here, to really read about the breeds and cats history in Malaysia and around the world. If you need to get the direction to the Cat Museum, you can try to take the local bus such as Petra Jaya Transport No. 2B or 2C from the Kuching city. If you are driving, you can also drive to the museum. Firstly, drive to Satok Suspension Bridge, and then drive to Normah Medical Centre. Then, turn to Jalan Semariang and head to the DBKU, you will find the museum on the second floor.




I also recommend you to try the 3 layer tea- a sweet concoction of palm sugar, tea and condense milk. A perfect for a thirsty hot day! You can easily order it in any shop in Kuching, they are famous for it. Other drink that is famous and must do in Kuching is the White Lady Drink – another sweet creamy concoction of coconut milk, mixed nata de coco and fruits. A dessert akin to the perfect ending of a great high-end dinner; so go a find them and indulge with them while you are travelling in Kuching, Sarawak.



There is so many things to do in Kuching, Sarawak and these are just some Must Do Things here. You will certainly enjoy your time and find Borneo and whole lot different than peninsular Malaysia. Till then keep on travelling peeps!  Youmay follow my journey here on twitter twitter Rayyan at @rayyanharies or email me at . 😀


    • Megan Chan says

      Yup!! You are right.
      I have been to Kucing.. I went on a vacation…
      I stayed there for almost 2 months!!
      Awesome!! I went to the ORANG HUTAN jungle!!
      Besides food there lots for interesting places we can go!! I will be going to Sarawak 2 days time!!
      Will try to get you(those who commented on this) something special,memorable and unik!!
      :D… :D… :D!!

  1. Nur Hidayati says


    i will go to kuching for such a limited time. i’ll arrive aroung 8pm and esoknye, i will go to my friend’s wedding finish at 12pm and i only got time from 12pm till 6pm to jalan jalan around kuching. what do you recommend us to go?


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